Free Parking

   Closed garage (extra)

   In-room breakfast

   Luggage service

   Swimming pool

   Handicap access for the restaurant

  Free Wifi

   Cable channels

   Non-smoking establishment


Our restaurant

The team of our restaurant “La Paix” goes out of its way to offer traditional home cooking made up of local and fresh products. In the purest tradition of hospitality, you will be welcomed in a warm atmosphere in order to enjoy a hearty and pleasant meal, accompanied by wines offered by our sommelier.


Our rooms are all different, and are ready to welcome you in the best conditions: cable channels, wifi, comfortable bedding … The proximity of our restaurant allows you to lunch in a dedicated room or even to enjoy a small Breakfast in room to enjoy the calm of your holidays…

Hotel de la Paix news

Weekend en Lodévois, en Logis (Video)

Découvrez notre beau territoire grâce à la vidéo de Plaisirs d'Hérault, dans laquelle nous apparaissons pour la présentation des Logis....
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L’Aventure est dans le sac… 🤙🏻  
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Recharge gratuite véhicules électrique

Profitez gratuitement de la recharge de votre véhicule durant la nuit passée à l’hôtel De La Paix . ou en charge rapide
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Fermetures annuelle

Dimanche 24 octobre 2021 au Lundi 8 novembre 2021 20 Février au 21 mars 2022
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For gifts

Important renovation of the hotel

End of 2018 and beginning of 2019: Major renovation of the hotel, an elevator has been added and the creation of 2 rooms for people with reduced mobility ;

Price : 325 437€ Ht.
Grant from the region : 65087 €